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Episode 2 - Why does no one use the calendar invite in email and web marketing?

Episode 2 - Why does no one use the calendar invite in email and web marketing?

Maybe no one gives a shit?

Well, this is a dead giveaway. Auto magically generated?

Yep, we do this off your calendar client.

No Coding is needed. 10 Seconds.

We eat all the data off your calendar client when you use

Invite us to your event, and we will send back a calendarsnack with the pre-built landing pages to your email address.

Also included are the RSVP Buttons codes to insert into your email marketing campaigns for 1 Click Calendar Invite Sending.

Click the Upcoming Landing Page Button.

This URL contains all the Upcoming Events you have copied off your calendar client to our service into one Landing Page in Chronological order.

The Upcoming Landing Page URL is updated every time you copy events from your calendar client to the address.

We track, change and update the events every time you change the event on your calendar client.

Our technology emulates a traditional calendar client to a calendar server workflow based on the IETF specification.

The Landing Page, as shown above, sends the calendar invites like a traditional email box for that specific event since we track the events as separate UIDs in our database.

We track all the events in the reporting dashboard by the organizers’ email address.

So why hasn’t anyone else figured this out?

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